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Hi! I'm Ashley, and I am the founder of BattleFlex.


As a former athlete and dancer, being able to move my body with fluidity and precision has been very important to me, and teaching this skill to others has become a passion of mine. Using my own experience, as well as the skills and knowledge I've obtained over the years, I have created a unique dynamic stretching/yoga experience.


Helping others feel better and achieve their goals is something I care about deeply. Whether it is injury recovery/prevention, preparing your body for a sport, or just becoming fit, each person that partakes in any classes offered will receive a program specifically catered to your entire body. Stretching and yoga should never be for one specific area while neglecting all others. The focus should instead be on the body as a whole and how you can work towards ensuring that it moves with fluidity, and most importantly, without discomfort or pain.


As a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and 200HR Certified Yoga instructor, I have worked with and helped many people improve their mobility and flexibility. Whether I am working with an elite athlete, a preteen, or a senior who wants to get back movin' and groovin', I will give my all to ensure that you succeed in accomplishing your goal.


You may have tried other stretch/yoga classes that yielded little to no results, but I can say with confidence that BattleFlex is unlike anything you have ever done before. So as you will hear me say, or have already heard if you have taken a class, come to class and "find your happy place."